Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is approaching fast and kids are starting to be really excited as they do every year. As parents we sense their excitement and start to think of ways to make this year's Christmas the best yet. Your kids already sent their letters to Santa Claus and they think every day about what they want from him. But beyond gifts Christmas is a an opportunity for the parents to help their kids learn something new. Of course Christmas is the time when kids learn about kindness to others, gift giving and moral values. But we can also teach them the value of things done with their own hands.

The house needs decorating and the Christmas tree will be ready for Santa's gifts looking its best. But maybe instead of just going to the store to buy all new shiny decorations maybe this year kids will be better off making their own Christmas decorations for the tree.

The truth is that modern decorations are just this, modern and convenient. Buy them, spend a few hours to decorate the tree, put them back in the box for a year and when they get old they will get replaced by new shiny ones from the store. In the past it wasn't like this. People used hand crafted decorations and fruits to prepare their Christmas tree. So instead of teaching our kids to buy their way to fun maybe we should make this Christmas a lot more interesting by just allowing them to create. So what can children create for Christmas? Here is a bunch of ideas for parents and kids to make together.

Paperback Christmas Tree

You will need an old and useless paperback book with at least 60-70 pages. Fold each page twice to form a triangle with the base down. Fold all the pages and then glue together the front and back pages. Spray the tree with paint (gold, silver or green) and sprinkle with glitter while the paint is still wet. Make a paper star, paint it and glue it to the top. Wire hanger and grocery bags wreath.

Make a circle from a wire hanger. Use a bunch of grocery bags, preferably white or of the same color, to decorate the wreath. Tie each bag to the wire and fluff it. Cut a bunch of cardboard stars and paint them in various colors and add glitter. Attach the stars evenly on the wreath.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Make cone from cardboard (maybe a foot tall). Leave a hole at the top of the cone where you will fit a pine cone as the top of the tree. Using needle and string sew the pine cones to the cone, close together to minimize empty spaces between pine cones. Spray paint the tree in silver, gold or green and add glitter. You can glue colored beads and a little star on top as decorations. If you want just a little pine cone tree you can make one by putting it in a candle support, painting it and adding glitter and beads. This can be a small cute project to make a child happy.

Christmas Tree Skirt

From an old piece of cotton cloth you can sew your own Christmas tree skirt. Best colors are green, red, silver or golden but any clean one will do. You have to draw a circle on it which you can do by using a needle at the center and a string with a pencil tied at the end. The length of the string is the radius of the circle. Cut the circle and then cut a round hole in the middle and also make a cut from the outside circle to the inside one (this is how you place the skirt around the tree). Now, to make it pretty we can sew a ribbon to the margin and then decorate the skirt with glitter and by sewing colored pieces of cloth in star shape.

Paper Glitter Ornaments

Cut paper in Christmas related shapes like angels, trees, snowflakes, bells, Santa Claus and then paint them in gold, silver, white, green, red or any color you like and add lots of glitter. Kids will be amazed when the Christmas tree will look magical decorated with what they created.

Photo Ornaments

Cut a piece of cardboard in a Christmas related shape (tree, snowflake, etc.) In the middle make a square hole big enough to place a picture of the kid waiting for Santa. Paint and glitter the cardboard, add a string at the top and glue the child's picture behind the square hole. If you want you can make the same shape to glue to the back so it look good even if it spins while hanged in the tree.

Christmas Coloring Cards

Print a Christmas coloring card. Color it with happy colors and add some glitter and a nice envelope. Give one to each family member.

Christmas Baskets

Make a cone from cardboard and wrap it in wrapping paper. To make a cone you need to draw and cut out a half circle. Alternatively you can let the kids paint or draw and color on the cardboard. Add a colored ribbon as the handle. Inside you can put little toys or sweets.

These are only a few ideas on how to make the Christmas experience more valuable for your kids. Let your imagination run free and your kids will enjoy Christmas more than ever. and the best part you get to spend quality time with them, time they will remember forever. After all this hard work they deserve to receive all those gifts and a certificate or letter directly from Santa Claus.